Deathwing Librarian - 1:4 Scale Statue

Here is a first update on our 1:4 Scale Deathwing Librarian Statue. Sculpted in 3D & has some amazing details. He will come with a switch out arm holding the Power Hammer. Still some details to add & final approvals to go through. Plus Battle Damaged Armour & All the wires and chains will use real materials.

Roger Moore - 1:4 Scale Statue

Some Final Approved images of our Roger Moore Statue. coming shortly. We think the Head Sculpt really captures, the Late Sir Roger Moore. We will have a range including a 1/10 scale statue and a 1/6 scale Action Figure. We will be opening up the Pre Orders on; Oct 14th 2017.

Deathwing Sergeant - 1:4 Scale Bust

Some images of the forthcoming Deathwing Sergeant Bust. This is the first in a range of 1:4 Scale Busts. You will be able to interchange, Head, Weapons and other accessories (that we have planned) with the other Statues and Future Busts.

Terminator Genisys - T800 Endoskeleton

Here are some Work In Progress Peeks of our next 1:10 Scale Statue in the the series. We will be doing the T800 Endoskeleton. It will have its own individual base and Glow in the Dark Eyes.


Den of Imagination

Amazing Painting Studio, Our Official Paint Masters for All our Warhammer Statues.

Roger Moore

New Approved Images of our Roger Moore Statue. Pre Orders Open Soon!

Deathwing Librarian

Our Forthcoming Deathwing Librarian Statue 1:4 Scale Statue.

Marie Claude

We are extremely excited to be working with Ninja Division Publishing to create...

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