Deathwing Librarian

Here is the first look at our forthcoming Deathwing Librarian 1:4 Scale Collectible Statue, based on the stunning FPS video game Deathwing by Streum On Studios and Focus Interactive Official Website;

This will be the second 1:4 Scale Statue in our series.
Sculpted in 3D & has some amazing details. He will come with a switch out arm holding the Power Hammer. Still some details to add & final approvals to go through. Plus Battle Damaged Armour & All the wires and chains will use real materials.

Pre Orders will be starting later on this month. We will be doing this in a different way this time.

We will set up a Payment Plan over 8 months based on the 3D Print Images. Once we have the final Painted Prototype completed. If at this point you would like to cancel your order, then that will be respected and the payments made to that point will be refunded in full, No Questions Asked!

We will release some new images of the 3D Print within the next few months. So keep Checking back.....


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