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About the Company

We design, develop and create Licensed Collectible Statues, Busts from Movie, Video Games, Comics and other cool Entertainment media. SFX catapults 3D’s consumer platform forward with highly curated, licensed characters. Those young children of the 90’s have grown up and have jobs and money to happily spend to re-issues of good old collectible figurines. SFX Collectibles is looking into covering this growing market trend, and 3D printing seems like the best way to do it today.


In the past, the artist authorised a company to make a stuffed animal or plastic figurine. It also meant the character had to be popular enough to justify the production and marketing costs. With today’s 3D printing technology, cartoonists with lesser known characters or in niche markets can also create 3D reproductions of their characters. These figurines are not only good for sales, but they also raise brand awareness and increase the market for the character, plus the artist doesn’t have to wait for production runs. They can instantly create a figurine for a fan while they are at a comic-con or other public event.

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