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Limited Edition Size: 150

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Escape From New York Lifeclock One

Silver Fox are delighted to be working with Ridgewood Watch Co to bring you this Limited Edition, Titanium Lifeclock One fully functional watch replica from the 1981 cult movie 'Escape from New York'.


In 1997, a major war between the United States and the Soviet Union is concluding, and the entire island of Manhattan has been converted into a giant maximum security prison. When Air Force One is hijacked and crashes into the island, the president (Donald Pleasence) is taken hostage by a group of inmates. Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), a former Special Forces soldier turned criminal, is recruited to retrieve the president in exchange for his own freedom..
The Lifeclock One is a fully licensed reboot of that watch but with a twist. It's a countdown timer of course, but it also tells the time, date and much more. Best of all it pairs with your iOS or Android device to give you all of the alerts for all of the cool phone functions that Snake would have killed for; Push Notifications from your favorite apps as well as Incoming Call and Text Message Alerts. You also get Step Counting, Weather, World Clocks, Camera Control, Stopwatch and much more.


The Lifeclock One is a unique watch that's not only smart but attracts attention. Designed, assembled and tested in the United States, it’s the coolest looking smartwatch you’ll find on the market today.
The straps are fastened to the main enclosure with custom Chicago screws to match the aesthetic seen in the movie with black leather for this Titanium USPF Edition.


The back of the Lifeclock One Snake Edition is available in either machined 316L stainless steel or, for those that have a nickel allergy, anodized aluminum. The designs are produced with an impact engraver, ensuring a clear and durable finish.

The default option features a design by Marvel & DC Comics artist Matt Haley and includes the United States Police Force logo, but you can also select the official Escape From New York logo version.


Each watch comes with its own Limited Edition Serial Number.


We also offer the option to add a custom engraved, personalized message (40 characters maximum) on the EFNY logo version back at no charge.


Once you have made your purchase, we will contact you directly to confirm your back selection or any message to be engraved.
Each watch comes with full instructions and you can download the App for both the IOS and Android Operating Systems on the logos below.

Lifeclock One: Titanium Edition
USB (2.0 Type-A) charging cable x2
One strap – Buckle Version
Quick Start Guide
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
USPF logo print


L3.7V, 480 mAh battery, 2.0 Wh
3 days operation on a full charge (up to 6 days with power optimizations turned on)
Magnetic connector for direct USB charging
Power and overheat circuit controller

License: Escape From New York
Scale: 1:1 Prop Replica
Manufacturer: Ridgewood Watch Co
Product Size: 12mm H x 79mm L x 51mm W  
Product Weight: 2 kg *
Product Sku: SFLCO0003
UPC: 7477202178611





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